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Dr. Leslie Bowers

Drs. Leslie E. Bowers and Derek Bowers are Michigan Board licensed Chiropractic Physicians.

All of our employees are professionals who love their job. You will experience this through the extra attention you'll receive in our office. Friendly people and service which surpasses all of your expectations are our way thanking you for choosing Bowers Chiropractic Clinic

I choose this profession because I was helped with an allergic respiratory condition after five years of medical treatment failed.

Dr Derek BowersI have been practicing for forty-two years, former Chairman of the Board for the Michigan Fellowship of Straight Chiropractors. I have seven children and 24 grandchildren.

My son Dr. Derek Bowers, practices at this clinic. He decided that helping people through chiropractic would be a great career.

Dr. Leslie E. Bowers or Dr. Derek Bowers will carefully choose the right treatment to best resolve your problem or injury.

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