Richard Kutchings

It’s just a Sunday-long run with (several thousand) friends. That’s what I told myself coming off the Ambassador Bridge in Windsor, Canada. I was so happy to be running the Detroit International Marathon on October 6 th. Last December I had pulled groin muscle training for the Walt Disney Marathon. It was so hard to be on the sideline, cheering my wife. But muscles heal and I was running again the spring. Then in June, with constant neck, shoulder and arm pain, I thought my athletic lifestyle was unraveling. I sought advice and treatment from Dr. L.E. Bowers. He gave me hope. As bad as my x-rays looked, he said he could help. A marathon is a test of both body and spirit. I stuck with the treatments, very determined to get well. Here I was, running at mile 13 of the marathon (26.2 miles) and feeling like I had my life back. The finish brought us into the new Ford Field with the big screen showing the runners cross the playing field. Even thought this was not my fastest marathon, it was my best!

Richard Kutchins

Nick MeyersI’ve had a history of back trouble but nothing like what happened about a year ago. I had what I consider a full-blown case of sciatica. I was in excruciating pain! Walking was quite limited and I was hearing that soon I might be in need of a wheelchair. I tried a variety of “remedies” to ease the pain and help ease the situation, all to no avail.

Various things I had read about sciatica led me to believe that my situation was, perhaps, beyond chiropractic help. Out of desperation, I guess, I decided to try chiropractic anyway. I looked in the yellow pages and saw Dr. Bowers’ ad. I saw that sciatica was something he addressed at his office. I called and Dr. Bowers answered the phone. During our conversation, I noticed a sense of confidence in him and concluded that maybe something could be done about the mega pain and my near invalid condition. I made an appointment and began seeing him regularly.

Early on, through x-rays, I discovered my spine was nowhere near normal. In fact, the doctor pointed out that my back had been broken, perhaps on more than one occasion. My spine, as a result, was permanently set in an abnormal position. The x-rays also showed that I had a variety of other vertebrae in incorrect positions. In others words, I was a mess.

Eventually, through regular visits, I’ve gotten back to where I can function normally. The sciatica is gone! In fact, I think it’s been many years since my back been this good. I owe it all to Dr. Bowers. I tell him he is a miracle worker. His skill and ability to determine and execute the proper adjustments pulled me out of a miserable existence and gave me my life back.

Nick Meyers

As far back as I can remember, my 7 yr. old daughter has suffered from asthma.

Back to her being only a couple of months old, they had her on a nebulizer machine. She was also using various numbers and varieties of inhalents, which my husband and I were quite used to because we went through this very similar cituation with our older son, who is now 12. We thought everything will be fine eventually, she will outgrow her asthma too. Well, my son outgrew his, but our daughter never did.

Years went by and things didn't seem to be getting any worse, nor better. Well, around 41/2 - 5 year mark, things finally started to change for her, but not for the better! It seemed that she had started to develope an immunity to her breathing treatments. They were no longer effective in controlling or maintaining her attacks. Of course the doctors immediately started adding new prescriptions and increasing her strengths and doses on ones she already had. All along saying, "The medications need to be increased to match her new age and size." By this time she was 5 yrs. old and taking up to 3 different medications 4 to 5 times a day as needed! We waited to see what would happen and guess what, something did. All the new medications she was on were still not working. So, they then started her on steroids! She was taking steroids for 7-10 days at a time,twice a day-every 2 or 3 months. Even that wasn't controlling her attacks. Finally they told us it was time to take her to a specialist to test for her asthma triggers. At which time we would come up with a regimen of shots for her to take year round to help control her asthma. My husband and I were not very convinced of this next move, so we started asking around for different options.

Well, little did I know that the Chiropractor I had been seeing for my lower back & left leg, held the answers we were looking for for our daughter! Since starting with Chiropractic care back in the winter of 2007, my daughters asthma symptoms have just about disappeared! She is to the point that she has been symptom free for well over 5 months now. She just participated in Field Day at her school on June 6th with well over 90 degree temps, hot & humid, with ragweed blowing all over - with no signs of trouble! The day before that had gone to the zoo under similar conditions, without any trouble.

If this story doesn't convince you that Chiropractic care works, then all I have to say is... what do you have to lose by trying it out? Me and my entire family cannot believe the change in my daughters health. Thank you again Doc Bowers for giving our daughter a chance at a normal childhood. To be able to run, skip, jump and play seems so simple to most people, but it means the world to us! Sincerely,

The Johnson Family 


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